Amy Pierquet has studied many versions of martial arts. The techniques she teaches comes from a combination of the different martial arts styles that she studied. She heavily looked at all techniques to see what worked best for her and other women and if needed she modified them. She has a passion for teaching techniques that all women can do. She teaches in a way that is easy to understand.



A few reviews of Amy and her classes on Facebook:


"I've taken 2 classes offered by Amy at W2W self-defense. I highly recommended taking a class from Amy. She has a non-threatening instruction style that put me at ease. Not only did I learn valuable tips on self-awareness to increase my personal safety, but I still practice the physical moves taught during the class. Looking forward to ongoing instruction from Amy." ~Heidi


"I took a self-defense class of Amy's a few weeks ago and tips and moves she taught me cross my mind every day! She teaches useful moves that are not only easy to remember but simple to do. I still share a few tips that Amy gave us with my girlfriends; little things that I wouldn't have thought about on my own. Her classes are not only fun and interesting but what she teaches is extremely important for any woman to know in today's world." ~Beth


"I have learned so much in every class! I can't believe how much I haven't seen signs or have not approached things in a manner that would be safer. The classes will change your life & empower you! Plus it's taught by a woman, just like you! You will learn how to think stronger as well as defend yourself against someone who may be stronger but you use body mechanics against them, taking away their ability to hurt you!" ~Jennifer