While teaching how to use the body as a “human weapon” and the unconditional survival response of the “warrior mindset,”  is always important. You will survive 100 percent of the attacks you are not involved in.


I believe the key to avoiding a violent attack is to better understand the mind of the attacker. The violent criminal will act without compassion or hesitation. He will do whatever is necessary to meet his need or satisfy his desire without any remorse. But most importantly to know is that his victims are not chosen at random. Just like predators in the wild animal kingdom who select prey that will be the easiest to bring down, violent criminals go through a similar process when choosing their victims.

Here is the info on what is covered in our classes:

  • You learn about predator behavior and how they choose a victim.
  • Improvised Weapons (how to defend yourself around your house)


You will learn how to get out of these holds:

  • Wrist Grab
  • Double Wrist Grab
  • Double Wrist Grab on One Arm
  • Hair Grab
  • Rope/Belt around your neck
  • Front Choke
  • Rear Choke
  • Head Locks (2 different locks)
  • Pinned to Wall
  • Bear Hug 



You learn these strikes and how to use them properly:

  • Elbow Strikes
  • Knee Strikes
  • Palm Heel Strikes
  • Fingers/Thumbs to Eye Strikes
  • Pressure Points
  • Ground Defense Techniques (2)